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The Afterlife Will Be Digitized

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Boom/Bust: HQ Trivia: A narrative series reported, written, and hosted by me that charts the rise and fall of a viral quiz app. The eight-part audio documentary explores the highs and lows of the attention economy and was named one of the best podcasts of 2020 by The Atlantic. In a 2021 article, Mashable praised the series, writing: “Aside from the rigorous reporting and insightful interviews from the likes of Scott (aka Quiz Daddy) himself, Bereznak also offers her own insightful cultural analysis into why we loved HQ Trivia in the first place, how it filled a void from digital culture, and what it's demise says about the tech industry at large.”


Since 2019 I've been a regular guest on CBC’s q, an arts, culture, and entertainment show that reaches 1,250,000 listeners across Canada and the U.S. every week. Below are a handful of segments where I discussed the latest in tech and culture.



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